Personal Shopping:

Personal Stylist

Closet Revamp– I will help you go through the torturous act of cleaning out your closet. I will help you decide what needs to stay and what needs to go so we can give you a clean, fresh start!

Shine YOUR style – This is where we figure out what makes you feel and look your absolute best! I want you to truly shine! I will help you find outfits that maximize your look, that flatter your body type and make you feel confident. We work within your budget to update your wardrobe.

Time to SHOP– I know some people love the idea of shopping and could spend the day doing so. While others sincerely despise it . Either way, I will be with you every step of the way. This is the step where we update your wardrobe with new pieces to fit your lifestyle.

SPOTLIGHT – Do you have a special event where you need to look stunning… We are here to help. I can help you shop for the perfect dress or outfit, and if pressed for time, can even bring them to your doorstep if you prefer. You don’t even have to leave your house.  I also have a team that can complete your look from head to toe, including hair and makeup. Get ready to look magnificent!

Event Planning–  I want your event to reflect beautiful you as well… Whether it’s a makeover party for fun for your friends to see the updated YOU, or a huge party you need to host, my team can make your event spectacular in every way and will cover every detail so you don’t have to. You just show up with a big smile!

Lifestyle – Are you ready to transform yourself from the inside out?! Ready to be healthy, feel good, radiate from feeling alive?! I have a background in personal training, fitness and nutrition, yoga and meditation. I would love to help you discover a healthy lifestyle where you understand that mind, body and soul are connected…and when you take care of them , you will feel and look gorgeous!

Personal Parties:

SANE loves doing house parties. This is where you invite your friends, coworkers, relatives over for some shopping and you receive free merchandise as my thank you. A casual morning event could be muffins and coffee or maybe a ladies night wine and cheese theme, is more your style. Either way , this is the easiest party you’ll ever do! You can even host it at the boutique! Or in your office!

Fun Makeover Party
A team of stylists will come to your home and turn your guests from simple to spectacular! We will give your guests a new look, including hair, makeup, clothing and jewelry. We will even roll out the red carpet and have a photographer capture the moments. Perfect for special birthdays, milestone occasions or any girls just wanna have fun moments in life.

I take pride in always giving back. I love to do charity events or fundraisers as well. If there is ever an organization that you would like to support, I am more than happy to help. I will donate a percentage back of whatever sales we do for your event to your cause.  Giving back to the community is very important to me.

My services are here to help enhance the best version of yourself. Confidence is always the best outfit and a smile, the best accessory. I do individual or group sessions, and for both female and male, of all ages. You can pick and choose what services you’d like or we can create a package to suit your desires.